When Vegan Acne Skincare Works Better Than Your Conventional Products

We're actually willing to put money on it. Clear skin, anyone?

By: Dani

If you’ve never experienced stubborn acne or chronic breakouts, then congratulations – you are one lucky bitch. For the rest of us who know the struggle, we get that it not only can cause physical pain, but the emotional trauma is usually ten times worse. The more persistent your acne is, the more willing you become to do anything to get rid of it. And we mean anything. Raise your hand if you know what we mean.

It’s actually the perfect situation for pharmaceutical companies and cosmetics brands because since the demand is often so high, they can charge whatever they want, put any amount of toxins in their products, and sometimes include “miracle” ingredients that aren’t even proven to work or potentially cause more harm to your skin than good, and guess what? You and I will still buy it. Essentially, these companies often abuse their positions of power, exploiting consumer fear and exhaustion.

This is exactly why we wanted to do this post for you guys. We don’t want you to waste your hard earned money on empty promises and shit that flat out doesn’t work. We’ve been testing out tons of products for over six months and have narrowed them down to only seven items – the top performing products for acne control, treatment, and prevention.



We say this all the time: if we could be like those women who wash their faces once daily with only water then moisturizer and go, we would be. But that regimen would never work for our skin. We tried it. Our skin freaked. Never again.

There’s just no way to avoid it. We need a deep clean or we break out. Which is why we’re so glad we discovered Osea’s Cleansing Mudd. Natural facial cleansers typically have a rep for not being as effective as their conventional counterparts, but trust us when we tell you this cleanser is the exception to the rule. Not only does it leave your skin with that clean pore feeling, it also tingles as you massage it in – that tea tree, though! – which is so satisfying.

We still use a conventional BP wash a few times a week, but since we discovered this wash from Osea, we find that we are able to use it less and less. You can check out our original review here for more deets.



We like to use the Saya Foaming Cleanser in the morning to give our skin a bit of a break from the more intensive treatments we use at night. Honestly, we love all of Saya’s products. They’re all made with at least 90% organic ingredients, Australian-made, and smell amazing. But this face wash is one of our top picks because it’s simple yet effective. You get a deep cleanse, without any over-drying. The salicylic acid (vegan and naturally derived!) is what helps to remove impurities and oil, but it’s balanced by the chamomile and aloe vera.



We wrote about this earlier this year, but the sentiment stays the same: we love Osea’s Blemish Balm. Products that work double duty really impress us so the fact that you can treat your breakouts while you moisturize pleases both the minimalist and slouch in us. This moisturizer has a wonderfully lightweight texture that sinks right into your skin after applying. Since we have oily, acneic skin we use Blemish Balm on a daily basis, but if you only suffer from the odd pimple here and there or the routine hormonal breakout, it can also be used a spot treatment. The scent – a combination of the Cypress, Juniper, and Rosemary essential oil – is as refreshing as it is antiseptic.



If there’s anything worse than getting a big, red pimple, it’s dealing with the scarring after the swelling goes away. And if you’re anything like us, the scar always leaves a mark behind, which can last up to four months. Seriously, it’s so bad, as soon as we get a breakout we immediately start applying a serum targeted for hyperpigmentation or dark spots, even while it’s still active. Call it proactive or overly paranoid, doesn’t matter – we never skip this step at night. We’ve tried quite a few serums and treatments that claim to reduce the appearance of acne scars, natural and conventional, but the Yuli Cell Pm Serum stands out from all the others. Combining regenerative organic botanical actives and advanced skin technology, it is one of the most active and concentrated formulations designed to combat discoloration. The genius of it all is that while it regulates pigmentation and inhibits melanin imbalance, it also works to strengthen and nurture damaged skin and scar tissue.



This one is a two-for. This serum is basically the ultimate herbal alternative to traditional retinoid formulas, so you can gently revitalize your skin while you sleep without any irritation, redness or peeling at all. But the bonus is that while you’re increasing cell turnover, which helps fade acne scars and refines your skin’s texture and tone, you’re also preventing wrinkles. Let’s be honest, all of us can use a little of that. Retinols are known for their supreme anti-aging properties.

We swear everyone who tries any of Kypris Beauty products fall in love with them. And there’s a reason why. They deliver results. If you have super sensitive skin and even The Ordinary Advanced Retinol 2% serum is too much then you should definitely try the Kypris Moonlight Catalyst Serum. We like to alternate between this and the Retinol serum The Ordinary. (BTW, if you haven’t tried that one yet, go read our review here, and then try it. You won’t regret it.)



If you have oily, overactive skin or suffer from clogged pores, clay is your best friend (preferably in mask form) whether you’re into natural beauty or not. In the clean beauty world, clay masks are probably one of the most populous products, and we’ve tried a bunch. While we could recommend quite a few because they’re some great ones out there, we figured we’d bring out the big guns on this one: May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver. It smells like spicy chocolate (it’s raw cacao and a combination of exotic spices like cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg), but don’t be fooled by the warm and comforting aroma. This mask is intense – it does have pretty big expectations to live up to given its title – but it doesn’t agitate our skin.

This mask also gets cool points for the fact that its powder-to-moose formula is almost-black and heats up once it’s on your skin and — yay— tingles. When you’re in desperate need of a skin reset, definitely whip this one out. If you’re sensitive, you can use it as a spot-mask since it’s so highly active. You can also try mixing it with oil instead of water if you want a more supple effect. And one last thing: don’t over-mask. Yes, there is such a thing. We’d stick to a once-a-week application to start, especially with something as powerful as this.



Don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but oils are kind of the shit. There are oils to cleanse, oils to protect, oils to moisturize, and even oils to treat. Not many people think of oils when they’re trying to deal with breakouts, but clarifying oils like the Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Facial Oil are perfect for deeply moisturizing while balancing your skin, which controls oil production. If you have super reactive skin, it’s best to go for an oil that isn’t packed with essential oils. We turn to this when it’s that time of the month, or whenever we’re having a really bad week otherwise.

Another great oil to incorporate into your routine is the Pure Radiance Oil, Clear by True Botanicals. The combination of hemp, pumpkin, and grape seed oils (which are high in linoleic acid) controls sebum production while helichrysum (known for its superior antibacterial and antifungal properties) works to strengthen your skin’s barrier function, eliminates infection, calms irritation, minimizes scarring and reduces inflammation. Use in place of moisturizer at nighttime.


Have you guys found any highly effective vegan skincare that helps control your breakouts? Let us know in the comments below! Sharing is caring.

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