When You Want To Be Natural, But Also Want Really White Teeth

Don't worry. We have your new MO, thanks to Green Laboratorium.

By: Dani

If you’ve been transitioning into a cleaner beauty routine like us, then you probably get that switching over your toothpaste is a pretty big deal. At first, it can feel a little like one of those if-it’s-not-broken-why-fix-it things. Plus, toothpaste, with the endless choices of colors, flavors and textures, tends to be very personal, much like a perfume or deodorant. That said, it may be time to give up pastes all together, at least when it comes to whitening your teeth.

We’ve gone over why powdered masks are great, but have you ever heard of brushing your teeth with a powder? Charcoal cleaning is pretty new, even among the most obsessed beauty and skincare fanatics, but Maja Kende thinks it’s about to be the next biggest thing in beauty. With good reason, we should add. Maja’s the master behind one of our favorite natural brands, Green Laboratorium, who has developed a one-step teeth-whitening system that *actually* really works. Best part? It doesn’t make your teeth painfully sensitive (Crest whitening strips, we’re giving you the side eye). Granted, it may not be what you’re used to, but at least you won’t have to bother with any weird blue light and equipment. And just in case you’re still on the fence, we asked Maja to break it down for us.

Let’s start with the basics

“Activated charcoal is a mighty purifier. It can purify water, air, gold, it can extract metal, and it can decaffeinate, treat poisoning, overdoses. It has incredible absorption properties. Its high level of porosity – only one gram of charcoal has a surface of 3,000 m2 – enables the tooth powder to adhere the food particles, yellow substances, surface stains and the plaque, which are all effortlessly removed with a good rinse.”

Not to brag or anything, but the results are instant

“You can see the effect right after the very first use. Brush your teeth for your regular two minutes and you’ll see the surprising results. It’s like magic, just that it’s not magic. Use enough of the powder and brush for a sufficient amount of time. How often, that depends on your diet. If you eat lots of sugar and starches, you’ll have to brush your teeth more often to keep up the good carbon effect. Plus the notorious teeth staining drinks – coffee, red wine, some teas – may call for more brushing, too. If you’re worried about being too abrasive with your teeth, as dentists usually point out, you can always dab on some of the powder using your finger only, leaving it on for two minutes and then swishing it around, making sure to rinse it well out with water. That shouldn’t compromise the adhesive quality.”

Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s healthy

“Even though FDA regulated and approved, most conventional toothpastes have multiple ingredients that, in a small amount, are harmless, and that’s what they are tested for. But the problem is that they have an accumulative effect: Imagine you’re brushing your teeth several times a day, every single day. About 70% of what you put on your skin (including your teeth) is absorbed directly into your bloodstream. Day by day, the level of toxins in our bodies rise until we can’t take any more. On average, we are bombarded with 80,000 different chemicals every day – our cosmetic products, home cleaning products, processed foods, air pollution, water, etc. Our bodies are pretty robust, but enough is enough. The absorption power of activated charcoal is amazing and it can help us to get rid of the most of the “poisonous” chemicals.”

If putting black power in your mouth scares you

“I understand; black color in the mouth suggests rotting disease, or something similarly unpleasant, but try to relay on your knowledge, rather than your fear. In fact, people used to brush their teeth with a twig and some ashes, and in some cultures women used to paint their teeth black to suggest wealth and status. It’s in us somewhere and we are all able to tap into it. After finishing, there will be no darkness whatsoever. Absolutely nothing, just squeaky clean.”

No, it doesn’t have a weird taste or smell

“It has no smell whatsoever. Activated charcoal is also a powerful deodoriser. You can’t even smell the ingredients in our Tooth Powder that usually have a pretty potent smell on their own, like cinnamon powder or spearmint essential oil. The whole tooth powder is naturally deodorised and your mouth will be as well. Tastewise, it’s not sweet; it is neutral a little bit on a salty side, but I wouldn’t call it salty. Taste is very subjective and it will vary person to person, according to your taste buds.”

Because healthy is beautiful

Stay away from harmful ingredients. In this modern world, waking up and breathing in the air around you might be enough to get your daily load of toxins. Try to detoxify whenever possible with activated charcoal, the “suicide bomber” that binds the toxins to it’s own body and flushes them out with itself – brush your teeth with it, wash your hands and body with soap containing carbon, use your facial mineral clay masks with charcoal to pull out all the chemical build-ups from your conventional cosmetic products and makeup, or take an activated charcoal capsule to bind the toxins from within. Healthy inside makes healthy outside.”

Well, you heard the woman. If you haven’t already made the switch over to a natural oral care routine, it’s time that you do.


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