What We Got (Ourselves) For Christmas

Because it was time we treated ourselves.

By: Amber x Dani
Is it weird that this is the first year we’ve ever bought each other gifts? Usually it seems completely pointless since we 1.) share everything, including a savings account, and 2.) are not the biggest enthusiasts of Christmas gifts because we’re those weird people who actually think the holidays should be more about who you’re spending them with versus how much you get. BUT we decided to have a little fun and exchange gifts this year as a way to finally reward ourselves for all the hard work we’ve put in this year. A treat was long overdue, so it felt like the perfect time to indulge.

Major glitch: we had no idea what to ask each other for! We genuinely couldn’t come up with anything we wanted. Mainly because if we want something, we’re not the types to wait around for a holiday to ask someone for it, not even each other. So we really had to do some critical thinking when making our lists for each other. It was like writing an open-ended answer for the SAT’s or something. Eventually, we each came up with a list of a few things we didn’t necessary have to have, but things we knew we’d enjoy during this cozy, warm time of year. And then we surprised each other with these…



1. Cotton Blend Heated Mattress Pad, Target ($99). You know that feeling when you slip into a warm bath, right? Well, with brisk NYC winters, a warm bed is essential. Love this because you can still sleep in pretty little nothings and not freeze your butt off. And if you’re single? Think of it as the alternative to running back to your ex or sleeping with someone you wake up next to and go “WTF was I thinking?” to keep warm.

2. Powerstation Plus 2x with Lightning Cable, Mophie ($80). Okay, after being traumatized by my old phone’s battery that I effed up from leaving it charge all day long (I would literally only get about 30 minutes of juice because I’d killed it, I know tragic), I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect external battery charger. Obviously I could just get any one. I needed one with beauty and substance – my criteria for anything I add to my life really. This one is super sleek and just stunning. Best part is you get 21 hours’ worth of battery when it’s fully charge. Ah, *that* feeling when you don’t have to worry about your phone dying on you…priceless.

3. Avignon Bed Linen Collection, The White Company ($65). I’m obsessed with a gorgeous bed. Dani knows that I like to have pristine white bedding and I adore small details like the small balls on the rim of this set. It’s sweet and feminine and subtly French, which is the perfect contrast to the masculine dark faux fur I’m anxious to drape over the foot of my bed. Still hunting for the perfect one.



1. Gypsy Water Perfumed Oil Roll-On, Byredo, 7.5ml ($78). Perfume, for me, is very personal, and if someone knows my scent, that means they know me. I don’t like the idea of everyone knowing exactly what I’m wearing, which is why I love all (literally all) of the scents that Byredo do. They all tell a unique story that compliment your mood in stead of creating one. I love that. Even though Gypsy Water is one of the more *popular* scents from the brand, it’s so layered, once it mixes with your own body’s scent, it unfolds into something so unique that you almost don’t even recognize it right away. If I had to pick a signature scent to describe me, it would be this one.

2. XB2 Portable Wireless Speaker, Sony ($69). So I’m the type of person that likes to have music playing in my apartment all the time – when I’m working, when I’m coming, when I’m cleaning, while I’m working out. It’s either music or silence, and since silence is almost impossible to come across, I need music to relax me. Not having a bluetooth speaker that I could easily take wherever I want – because a girl needs to have the music blasted in the bathroom while she showers too – has been driving me crazy so I’m so glad this landed under our *tree*. BTW, currently obsessed with Bruno Mars’ “Versace on the Floor”, Rihanna’s, “Love on the Brain”, and Shawn Mendez, “Illuminate”…the entire album.

3. Trianon Travel Candle, Cire Trudon ($55). Candles are one of my top three favorite things to splurge on. I burn at least one candle a day, usually there’s at least two burning in my room at a time, so for me to spend this much money is completely worth it to me. I’ve wanted to try a candle from since I first perused the selection at NAP years ago. Does anyone else get swept away by the scent and note descriptions like me? I’m such a sucker.


Tell us: what’d you get for Christmas! We’re obsessed with gifting giving and would love to know what you got. Leave a comment below, or just say hi!

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